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With today's gas prices, fuel mileage has never been more important. Keeping your engine tuned with a new Amsoil Air Filter and a new Wix Fuel Filter goes a long way toward getting the most from a gallon of gasoline. Using Amsoil Performance Improver Fuel Additive on a regular basis is another sure way to improve fuel economy.

Another effective way to improve your fuel mileage that you may not be aware of is using Amsoil Synthetic Oil. That's right, Amsoil can significantly raise your fuel economy because of its superior lubrication and viscosity. And with Amsoil you save twice. Amsoil's extended drain intervals coupled with EA Oil Filter technology can save you 50 percent or more on oil changes, and let you keep more of your hard earned dollars from going into your tank. Use the calculator below to see how much you can save just on oil changes.

* Comparison based on 25,000 miles driven per year and 5-quart oil capacity, with one quart top-off for filter change.


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