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Why Synthetic Oil?

Turbine or jet engines have used synthetic oils from the beginning because of three beneficial characteristics:
  1. greatly reduced friction and wear on engine components
  2. dependability at severe temperature extremes
  3. the ability to withstand rigorous and lengthy engine operation without chemical breakdown.
It is only logical then, that an oil that aviators trust to stand up to the extremes of turbine engine operation can deliver greater dependability to the piston engines in most automobiles today. Not only do synthetic oils deliver greater dependability, they also deliver better fuel economy, extended drain intervals, and better sealing properties to resist oil burning.

Why Amsoil?

In 1972 Al Amatuzio revolutionized the world of modern machinery when he formulated the first synthetic motor oil to meet API service requirements for internal combustion engines. Since that time Amsoil has been on the cutting edge of lubrication science with performance enhancing, innovative technology that is matched by no other line of oils and lubricants, synthetic or petroloum-based, as the Four Ball Wear Test results above as well as many other tests indicate.

Amsoil has the most extensive line of lubrication products, automotive cleaning products, and automotive filters available today. This extensive line ranges from motor oils specifically targeting diesel or European engines, to Automatic Transmission Fluid formulated to work in nearly all modern automatic transmissions, to Severe Duty Gear Oils. Amsoil EA Oil Filters are designed to match the extended drain intervals that Amsoil provides in its motor oils. Amsoil Air Filters are designed to out last and out perform any other filters on the market. All of this designed for Automobiles, Trucks (of all sizes,) Motorcycles, ATVs, and more.

With all that going for it, the question really becomes "Why NOT Amsoil?"

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